Original Theatrical Date: April 11, 1985

In medieval times, a youthful pickpocket befriends a strange knight who is on a mysterious quest. This unlikely duo, accompanied by a watchful hawk, are enveloped in a magical adventure.

Matthew Broderick (The Freshman, Glory), Academy Award-nominee Michelle Pfeiffer (Batman Returns, Dangerous Minds) and Rutger Hauer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Blade Runner) star in this medieval romantic adventure, nominated for two Academy Awards.

Produced and directed by Richard Donner (Maverick, Superman), Siskel & Ebert call this "fabulous... a magically wonderful movie... a real classic!" The Los Angeles Times says it "soars... it's enchanted, enthralling, marvelous; a bold, beautiful vision" and Gene Shalit calls it "amazing... a double popcorn picture that casts a spell, which is why Ladyhawke spells pleasure."

Genre: Sci-Fi/FantasyAction/Adventure