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The Late Show

Original Theatrical Date: February 10, 1977

Aging private eye Ira Wells (Academy Award winner Art Carney) has agreed to help a Hollywood kook named Margo (Lily Tomlin) locate her missing cat. Little does he know he's got a tiger by the tail.

Written and directed by three-time Oscar winner Robert Benton (Kramer vs. Kramer), The Late Show is a brilliant, funny and gutsy modern-day homage to '40s detective thrillers. Like his contemporaries Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade, gimpy-legged Ira's one of the great ones (Carney won the 1977 National Society of Film Critics Best Actor Award for his work here).

Will this one last case—and this one flaky lady—give him one last chance to prove it? Stay up with The Late Show and solve the mystery! 

Genre: ComedyMystery