Life of Emile Zola keyart

The Life of Emile Zola

Original Theatrical Date: October 1, 1937
  • Best Picture
  • Best Supporting Actor - Joseph Schildkraut
  • Best Screenplay

The story of one of the world's greatest writers, a man who proved that one voice can overcome injustice and change the course of a nation is immortalized in The Life of Emile Zola, the very first Warner Bros. film to capture the coveted "Best Picture" Oscar.

Nominated for 10 Academy Awards, this 1937 drama episodically explores the career of the novelist who championed the cause of France's oppressed. Zola (Paul Muni) is a hugely successful French author who risks all his success and comfort to come to the defense of the unjustly jailed Capt. Dreyfus (Oscar winner Joseph Schildkraut).

Winner of three Oscars overall—and of immense critical and popular success—this distinguished film is a must-see portrait of a life that grew into an important voice for art, truth and justice.

Genre: Oscar WinnersDrama