Original Theatrical Date: March 7, 2008

Otis has everything he needs for the prom: the corsage, the convertible, the cool baby-blue tux (not to mention the fully equipped torture chamber in his basement). He even has the girl—a pretty blonde he's named Kim—who is dying to be his date. Literally.

Otis is a star-powered (Daniel Stern, Illeana Douglas, Kevin Pollak), darkly comedic chiller directed by Tony Krantz (24) from a script by Thomas Schnauz (The X-Files) and Erik Jendresen (Band of Brothers) that combines the best traditions of slasher/revenge pics with the sit-com world of white-picket-fence America gone haywire.

Sometimes pizza guy and full-time psycho, Otis thinks he's a wicked dude... until he meets the Lawsons, his latest victim's happy suburban family. The Lawsons aren't happy anymore... and they have a truckload of power tools.

Genre: Suspense/ThrillerComedyHorror