Original Theatrical Date: June 10, 1968

Academy Award-winner Julie Christie and Oscar-and Emmy-winner George C. Scott star with Richard Chamberlain and Golden Globe-winner Shirley Knight in this brilliant film about a sensitive, recently divorced surgeon and his relationship with an unhappily married kook, set against the mid-'60s San Francisco scene.

 “It’s a very real film about two people trying to get through to each other,” director Richard Lester (A Hard Day’s Night) says of his landmark romance Petulia, which is set in Summer of Love-era San Francisco.

Christie plays an unhappily married socialite who is trying to get through to a recently divorced doctor (Scott), who, in his own words, just wants to “feel something.” He’ll soon feel, even hurt, a lot. Because we know why kooky Petulia so desperately reaches out.

As Lester zigzags through the flashbacks and flash-forwards of cinematographer Nicolas Roeg’s startling images and Lawrence B. Marcus’ knowing screenplay, Petulia’s jigsaw pieces form a celluloid time capsule of life and love in the turbulent ’60s.

Genre: RomancePeriod DramaDrama