Poltergeist keyart


Original Theatrical Date: June 4, 1982

"They're heeerrre..." This awesome supernatural thriller and box-office blockbuster stars Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams as a California couple swept up in a wave of horror after sinister spirits invade their home.

Steve Freeling moves his family into a new house in development and it looks like things are going well. But as his wife and his children begin to unpack strange things start happening. Seeming almost whimsical at first, playing stack-the- chair games in the Freelings kitchen, but then things turn darker. A storm erupts, a tree attacks and little Carol Anne Freeling is whisked into a spectral void.

As her family confronts horrors galore and fights to bring the youngster back, something else is here too: a new benchmark in Hollywood ghost stories.

Producers Steven Spielberg and Frank Marshall and director Tobe Hooper head the elite scream team of this classic whose nerve-jangling effects include floating phantasms, the fiercest monster ever to pop out of a closet and an entire house collapsing into nothingness.

Welcome to Home Sweet Haunted Home!

Genre: Sci-Fi/FantasyHorror