Original Theatrical Date: June 24, 1977

In this Academy Award-nominated cult-favorite film from William Friedkin (Oscar winner for The French Connection and Oscar nominee/Golden Globe winner for The Exoricst), Sorcerer tells the story of four men who, for various reasons, cannot return to their own countries and end up in a dismal South American town where an American oil company is seeking courageous drivers willing to haul nitroglycerin through 200 miles of treacherous terrain.

Roy Scheider (Jaws), Bruno Cremer (Under the Sun), Francisco Rabal (Dagon) and Amidou (Ronin) star in and Friedkin directed from a Walon Green (The Wild Bunch) screenplay. The haunting music was the first credit for Tangerine Dream, the German electronic experimental band who went on to provide many successful scores for such films as Risky Business and VisionQuest.

Over the years, awareness of the film has been steadily building as a result of Friedkin fan requests and newly-found praise from critics. “I have a great fondness for Sorcerer, more than any other film I’ve made. Sorcerer is the one I hope to be remembered for and the one film that came closest to my vision,” said Friedkin.

Genre: DramaAction/Adventure