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The Story of Seabiscuit

Original Theatrical Date: November 10, 1949

Sixteen times out of the starting gate. Zero times in the Winner's Circle. Those were the humble beginnings of the undersized, underdog bay colt who became one of the greatest thoroughbreds in horseracing history.

With actual racing footage of "the Biscuit," The Story of Seabiscuit mixes fact and fancy into an endearing tale of rags-to-riches success.

Shirley Temple plays the student nurse whose romance with the colt's jockey (Lon McAllister) is clouded by her fears about a sport in which a 100-pound rider must command 1,000 pounds of thundering horseflesh. And Barry Fitzgerald charmingly scores as the trainer who sizes up the short-legged, bulky-kneed colt and sees what no one else sees: the makings of a champion. The flag is up!

Genre: Sports ThemeDramaFamilyAction/Adventure