Blue Ribbon Content

Founded: 2014

Formed in 2014, BLUE RIBBON CONTENT (BRC) is Warner Bros. Television Group’s digital series production unit, continuing the Television Group’s commitment to create new and compelling programs for the digital marketplace. BRC is charged with developing and producing live-action series for digital platforms, tapping the creative talent already working at the Studio while also identifying opportunities for collaboration with new writers and producers. In addition to live-action programming, BRC produces animated content and is also experimenting with emerging platforms such as virtual reality.

BRC’s slate includes original program concepts as well as new shows based on Warner Bros. Entertainment’s wide-ranging collection of intellectual properties.

BRC’s current and recent programming slate includes the UNINTERRUPTED original series Now We’re Talking for go90; ellen’s Pet Dish for ellentube; Beerfest, Constantine, Freedom Fighters: The Ray, JoJo Head and Vixen for CW Seed; Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles for Machinima; and the Batman: The Animated Series virtual reality experience with OTOY, Inc. for the Mattel View-Master.