Warner Bros. Online Premieres Original Short, "Drum Solo," Starring Kevin Connolly, Simon Rex and Ron Lester

(August 8, 2001 - Glendale, CA) - "Drum Solo," an online original short starring Kevin Connolly, Simon Rex and Ron Lester, debuts on August 8. This six-minute humorous look at what really happens at a rock concert during the drum solo ( ) joins the site’s already impressive catalogue of original Internet shorts. When the inevitable drum solo at a rock concert at last begins, a mad dash for the men's room ensues, and three guys waiting in seemingly non-moving lines for a urinal each spot a $100 bill lying on the floor. Now each is faced with the dilemma--risk losing their place in line and possibly their bladder control to grab the cash or tough it out and hope that they are the first to emerge relieved and $100 richer. A hilarious twist of fate makes the point moot for these three in "Drum Solo." Kevin Connolly recently completed the pilot “Sam’s Circus” for CBS and can be seen in the upcoming New Line feature “John Q,” which also stars Denzel Washington. He also starred in The WB’s comedy “Unhappily Ever After,” and directed episodes of the series, as well. Known to television audiences as a former MTV veejay, as well as the sexy art student who wooed the lead character on “Felicity” last season, Simon Rex most recently starred in “Jack & Jill,” for The WB. Ron Lester most recently starred on The WB’s “Popular” as Sugar Daddy, for which he received his second Teen Choice Award nomination as Best Side Kick. In addition to the short, the "Drum Solo" site, found at, will feature an exclusive photo gallery and interviews with the stars in behind the scenes clips. "Drum Solo" is produced by Metatron Productions for Warner Bros. Online. Among's other acclaimed original shorts available at the site are "Exterminator," starring Gary Busey and Theresa Russell, and "Britney 2032," directed by Marc Sedaka, son of legendary pop musician, Neil Sedaka.
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