Time Machine 1960 keyart

The Time Machine (1960)

Original Theatrical Date: August 17, 1960

In this popular adaptation of H.G. Wells' classic novel, Rod Taylor is a scientist in 1880s Victorian England who builds a vehicle to transport himself through time. He first travels to 1917 and the horror of World War I. Next, he sets his destination for 1940 and the start of World War II. From there he travels to a future London where he barely escapes nuclear holocaust.

In his desperate escape, he sets his destination into the future and ends up in the year 802701, where he meets an innocent race of people living in an idyllic land...but this future may be the most dangerous of all his journeys in The Time Machine. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Special Effects.

Genre: Sci-Fi/FantasyAction/Adventure


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