Torrid Zone keyart

Torrid Zone

Original Theatrical Date: May 24, 1940

Torrid Zone: the region of the earth between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. 

Academy Award winner James Cagney stars as the manager of a Caribbean banana plantation who would do anything to get away from the tropics and his underhanded boss—until he meets a woman hot enough to keep him in the Torrid Zone.

Plantation owner Steve Case (Pat O'Brien) ruthlessly uses every lie, ploy and devious device possible to keep his top manager, Nick Butler (Cagney), on the job. But Nick may be a little distracted. He's just met stranded American Lee Donley (Ann Sheridan), a chanteuse who can hold her own at a card table. Especially if she's dealing. 

Offscreen pals Cagney and O'Brien team for the eighth time in this snappy action comedy. In a role widely cited as putting her on the movie fan's map, Sheridan portrays wisecracking Lee. Now add superb support and zippy repartee, plus 950 banana trees planted over five backlot acres, and the heat is on. 

Genre: RomanceComedyAction/Adventure