The Wheeler Dealers keyart

The Wheeler Dealers

Original Theatrical Date: November 14, 1963

Henry Tyroon likes what wealth can bring, but that isn’t why he spends so much time pursuing it. “You do it for fun,” he explains. “Money’s just the way you keep score.”

James Garner scores big as Henry, a flimflammer who lands in New York City after his Texas oil well becomes a duster, needing a million or so in pocket money to pay his debts.

Soon, he also hopes to land a blue-eyed blue chip: a stock analyst (Lee Remick) pressured by her firm to unload a worthless stock. Can Henry come up with a plan to turn what’s worthless into the hottest thing on Wall Street?

The market for wit and charm is a sure thing in this mix of romantic comedy and business-world satire.

Genre: RomanceRomantic ComedyComedy