The Wind and the Lion keyart

The Wind and the Lion

Original Theatrical Date: May 22, 1975

Sean Connery stars—and breaks free of Bond forever (well, Never Say Never…) as desert brigand chieftain Mulai Ahmed er Raisuli who kidnaps an American widow, Eden Pedecaris (Candice Bergen) in a bid to embarrass the Sultan of Morocco. In doing so, he arouses the ire and interest of an internationally ambitious Commander in Chief, Theodore Roosevelt (Brian Keith).

John Milius both scripts and directs, bending true-life fact to serve his storytelling craft and shapes history into a spirited screen legend. Jerry Goldsmith’s lauded and lofty score adds to the film’s wonder.

The Blu-ray includes an Audio Commentary by Writer/Director John Milius and a vintage making-of featurette.

Genre: Action/Adventure