The Winning Team keyart

The Winning Team

Original Theatrical Date: June 20, 1952

In one of his finest screen performances, future United States President Ronald Reagan stars alongside Doris Day in this moving true biography of baseball great and Hall of Fame pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander, who fights his way back from a blinding injury. 

While playing in the minor leagues, Alexander is hit in the head by a batted ball, resulting in the dizziness and double vision that would plague him for the rest of his career. After amassing an impressive winning record with the Philadelphia Phillies, he is traded to the Cubs before fighting in World War I, where his double vision recurs. 

Upon returning to baseball, Alexander ignores his doctor's advice and risks seizures to continue playing. But he soon suffers from more dizzy spells and turns to alcohol, descending into a career quagmire. With the help and support of his wife, Aimee (Day), and his pal and fellow Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby (Frank Lovejoy), Alexander stages a spectacular comeback, leading his team to victory in the World Series.

Genre: Sports ThemeRomanceDrama