A Woman's Face keyart

A Woman's Face

Original Theatrical Date: May 22, 1941

When Anna Holm looks at aristocratic Torsten Barring, she sees romance. When Torsten looks at her, he sees horror: a web of scar tissue that twists her face into a grotesque mask.

Eager to win Torsten's love, Anna endures 12 plastic surgeries and emerges a beauty.

Lovely, says Torsten, but could you do just one more favor? Murder the little boy who stands between me and a vast inheritance.

Academy Award winner Joan Crawford takes a role Ingrid Bergman played in the original Swedish version and vividly makes it her own in this Hollywood remake pitch-perfectly directed by George Cukor.

Times change yet a bitter reality remains: the difference between love and loneliness, between life and death, is often A Woman's Face.

Genre: Drama