Zero Hour keyart

Zero Hour!

Original Theatrical Date: November 13, 1957

Fish or lamb chops? A wrong dinner selection gives food poisoning to the pilot and first officer of Flight 714—and that could mean doom for everyone aboard in Zero Hour!, the high-flying film based on a story by Arthur Hailey (Airport, Hotel) and later spoofed in the comedy Airplane!.

Dana Andrews portrays the passenger who must overcome the trauma of his wartime experiences to guide the plane. His reaction when asked if he can fly the DC-4: "No. Not a chance."

Sterling Hayden plays the flight-control jockey talking Andrews in through bumpy skies. "Flying is no different than riding a bicycle," he snaps. And gridiron great Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch is the stricken pilot. Clear the landing field (and don't eat the fish)! 

Genre: Suspense/Thriller