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The Accursed

Original Theatrical Date: March 12, 1957

Suspense and suspicion power this absorbing post-war drama from writer-director Michael McCarthy as former members of the German resistance gather for a reunion, only to discover that one of them is a murderous traitor.

When Col. Charles Price (Donald Wolfit) receives a phone call from a man claiming that one of the former German resistance members gathered in his home is responsible for a friend’s death, Price asks him to the house. But when the informant arrives, he is stabbed to death before he can name the traitor!

When an American intelligence officer, Major Shane (Robert Bray), then arrives under mysterious circumstances, the tension escalates until a shocking plot twist reveals all.

Also starring Jane Griffiths and Anton Diffring, The Accursed is murder mystery at its best.

WAC Trivia: It’s widely held that Donald Wolfit inspired Ronald Harwood’s play The Dresser (later adapted into the 1983 Albert Finney film), about a difficult stage actor. Harwood was Wolfit’s personal dresser for nearly five years.

Genre: Suspense/ThrillerMystery