chips season 6 poster

Chips: Season 6

Original Broadcast Date: October 10, 1982

Rev up for action adventure and zoom back to the early 1980s with the sixth and final season of ChiPs! The season kicks off with Ponch (series star and all-around heartthrob Erik Estrada) becoming the training officer of new rookie Bobby “Hot Dog” Nelson (new series regular Tom Reilly). With plenty of high-speed chases and criminal cases, these chopper coppers will keep you entertained.

Things heat up when Ponch works as a male model, a crooked kid claims an extraterrestrial made her rob a jewelry store, an out-of-control robot wreaks havoc at headquarters and a score gets settled at a nude beach! With a perilous chase on Jet Skis or dangerous daredevil stunts, you'll fuel your need for speed.

Genre: Action/AdventureCrime/Mystery