The Courtship of Eddie's Father: Season 3 keyart

The Courtship of Eddie's Father: Season 3

Original Broadcast Date: September 15, 1971

The third and final season of the beloved TV classic brings with it some new faces (comedy greats Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller in a series of roles), new fears (Summer camp! Karate! Fetching Soviets!) and new foes (Eight is Enough’s) Willie Aames taking up the “best frenemy” role previously enjoyed by Jodie Foster).

But the show still delivers its sitcom-changing mix of maturity, tenderness and laughs thanks to the evident bond enjoyed by series stars Bill Bixby and Brandon Cruz and the comedic support from series creator James Komack and series regular Kristina Holland as Norman Tinker and Tina Rickles. Adding to the razzmatazz is one very special guest-star, Sammy Davis Jr. as Ronnie Rivers Jr. a phobia-filled insurance adjuster. Other guests include Carol Lawrence (the aforementioned sexy Soviet), All in the Family’s Sally Struthers, Alice’s Vic Tayback, Columbo’s Bruce Kirby and One Day at a Time's Pat Harrington Jr.

Genre: ComedyFamily