hanna-barbera's devlin the complete series available now on dvd

Devlin: The Complete Series

Original Broadcast Date: September 7, 1974

Back in the day when stunt cyclists soared to the zenith of the zeitgeist, a most unusual circus family roamed the byways and highways of Saturday morning.

Led by eldest sibling Ernie Devlin (voice of Michael Bell), a daredevil stunt cyclist, aided by master mechanic younger bro Tod (voice of Mickey Dolenz) with little sister Sandy (Michelle Robinson) handling publicity, the Devlin clan travels across the country with a traveling circus in a too-cool camper, investigating a different kind of cartoon mystery—that of the human condition.

Thanks to the care and understanding of circus owner Hank (voice of Norman Alden), the Devlins have all the space they need for stunt-works and good-works. Among the problems tackled by the clan in this decidedly more adult-toned Hanna-Barbera classic are traumatic flashbacks, undocumented child immigrants, satanic rock idols and child runaways. 

Genre: Action/AdventureAnimation