The FBI: Season 8 keyart

The FBI: Season 8

Original Broadcast Date: September 17, 1972

The FBI versus the mob for the soul of a nation. With the book fully closed on flower power, the 70's unique blend of stylish cynicism began to get its grip on the country as selfless ideals were being traded in for selfish dreams.

Fortunately, the stalwart squad led by FBI Inspector Erskine (Efrem Zimbalist, ]r.), Assistant Director Ward (Philip Abbott) and Special Agent Colby (William Reynolds) let none of that interfere with their mission to safeguard a sleeping nation against foes within and without.

As the FBI entered its eighth year, a new generation of stars was coming to the fore, all cutting their teeth acting opposite Zimbalist & Co., including David Soul, Robert Urich, Mariette Hartley, Martin Sheen, Sondra Locke, Patrick Wayne, Lara Parker and Belinda Montgomery, side by side with drama die-hards the likes of Dean Stockwell, Edward Mulhare, John Anderson, Ross Martin and William Windom.

Genre: Drama