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Killjoy (TV Movie)

Original Broadcast Date: October 22, 1981

A romantic rivalry leads to an innocent woman’s murder. Or is it a hoax crime, part of a cunning deception?

Killjoy aims to keep you guessing, plunging you into a whodunit that earned scripter Sam H. Rolfe the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar® Award. The main setting is City General Hospital, where two young doctors engage in a move-and-countermove rivalry over Laury Medford (an early-career Kim Basinger).

It may be more than Laury’s beauty that motivates the men. Her father is the hospital’s chairman of the board. Marrying her would be an inside track to the chief of staff post.

Meanwhile: a senior hospital staffer (Nancy Marchand) who is the mother of one of the two doctors plots to enhance her son’s chances; a mysterious outsider (Robert Culp) says he knows the innocent woman is tailing the two men; and Laury may be more than she appears.

Murder? Hoax? The answer isn’t revealed till the final freeze-frame.

Genre: DramaTV Movie