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Kung Fu: the Complete Series

Original Broadcast Date: October 14, 1972

David Carradine stars as a Buddhist monk and hunted man who wanders the American West in the 1870s fighting intolerance and injustice with his mastery of an ancient form of high combat known as Kung Fu.

In China, a blind Shaolin priest (Keye Luke) trains young Kwai Chang Caine (Radames Pera), an orphan of half-Chinese, half-American ancestry, in mystic philosophy and martial arts. Forced to flee his native land, the adult Caine (David Carradine) searches for his long-lost half-brother in America. A man of peace, Caine shuns material things. Roaming the rugged frontier of the Wild West, Caine champions the downtrodden and fights for justice and equality armed with only his hands and feet.

Exhibiting humility and respect for the "oneness of all living things," Caine, in his quiet, unassuming way, redefines the term "hero" in the Emmy Award-winning series Kung Fu.

Genre: Action/Adventure