profile of Robert Taylor as Longmire wearing sheriff's badge in a desert landscape

Longmire: Season 6

Contemporary crime thriller Longmire, based on the Walt Longmire mystery novels by Craig Johnson, rides into its sixth and final season with Sheriff Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor).  

Season Six finds Walt, Vic, Henry, Cady and The Ferg facing the biggest personal and professional crises of their lives. Walt’s job and home are under threat by a powerful, but unscrupulous lawyer. Vic must decide what to do about her secret pregnancy. Ferg struggles to balance a new relationship with his commitment to his job. Cady is torn between her loyalties to dueling father figures, and Henry’s very life is in danger as an old nemesis is bent on revenge. With their world in turmoil, Walt and all the people he cares about most must ultimately face the most difficult decision of their lives: when is it time to pack it in, and when is it time to fight to the end?

Genre: Crime/MysteryDrama