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Major Crimes: Season 6

Major Crimes centers on a special squad within the LAPD that deals with high-profile or particularly sensitive crimes.

Led by Captain Sharon Raydor (McDonnell), the squad includes Lieutenant Provenza (Bailey), Lieutenant Andy Flynn (Denison), Lieutenant Michael Tao (Chan), Detective Julio Sanchez (Cruz), tech expert and reserve officer Buzz Watson (Keene) and Detective Amy Sykes (Giovanni). Collaborating on many of their cases is medical examiner Dr. Morales (Del Arco). The squad's work has also become a source of inspiration for Rusty (Martin), Sharon Raydor’s adopted son, who hopes one day to have a career as a lawyer. In its most recent season, the squad moved inexorably to fill the vacant Assistant Chief post that Fritz Howard has been temporarily filling, a position that Sharon is considered for as well—whether she likes it or not—creating tension within the department.

In addition, Sanchez tried once again to become a father; Flynn and Sharon continued down the path to matrimony; Provenza considered retirement; Rusty intern for DDA Hobbs as he looked toward attending law school once he graduates from UCLA; Buzz attempted to help the family of the man who murdered his father; Sykes confronted an old foe in Mark Hickman; Tao was instrumental in solving a case dealing with plastic explosives; and Dr. Morales joined the squad for the entire investigation of a very personal mystery.

Genre: Crime/MysteryDrama