Medical Center: Season 2 keyart

Medical Center: Season 2

Original Broadcast Date: September 16, 1970

With James Daly and Chad Everett confidently guiding the series, Medical Center entered its second year of television residency and continued to court controversy and stand-out co-stars.

With the tag-team of chief medico Dr. Lochner and super-surgeon Dr. Gannon bringing enough experience and youth to cover any crisis and bridge any generation gap, Medical Center had the prescription for history-making television.

Giving and getting treatment in this 6-Disc, 24-Episode collection are James Shigeta, Phyllis Thaxter, Gary Lockwood, Bradford Dillman, Vera Miles, Stefanie Powers, Iron Eyes Cody, Roddy McDowall and Keenan Wynn, amongst a host of other talents. And the ills confronted include homophobia, class prejudice, drug addiction, sexual assault, malpractice, youth unrest and more.

*Special Bonus - all three variant endings for the Peter Strauss episode "Countdown" are included.

Genre: Drama