medical center seventh and final season on dvd

Medical Center: Season 7

Original Broadcast Date: September 8, 1975

As groundbreaking hospital drama Medical Center enters its seventh and final season, Drs. Gannon (Chad Everett) and Lochner (James Daly) continue to offer up cutting-edge TV replete with social conflicts, commentaries and controversies.

Medical Center hits the ground stunning with a daringly cast “viewer discretion recommended” two-parter, “The Fourth Sex,” which examines transgender issues on television at a time when they were taboo. Adding extra frisson is the episode’s main guest star, Robert Reed, fresh off The Brady Bunch, who turns viewer sympathies and prejudices on their heads.

Further episodes see the staff of County Medical Center confronting repressed memories, stalking, teenage prostitution, gray lib and Cold Warrior bedside manners. Notable guest stars include Florence Henderson, Ralph Bellamy, Jane Wyatt, Erik Estrada, Cesar Romero, Don Rickles, Ruth Buzzi and Mark Hamill in this six-disc, 24-episode final season.

Genre: Drama