mike tyson mysteries season 2 poster

Mike Tyson Mysteries: Season 2

Original Broadcast Date: November 2, 2015

The Mike Tyson Mystery Team is back for another season of mystery solving. Mike Tyson, once the “baddest man on the planet,” remains hell-bent on becoming the “goodest man on the planet”…one mystery at a time! But he can’t do it alone. Well, he could, but then we wouldn’t have the best mystery-solving team in the business: Yung Hee, Mike’s adopted Korean daughter and all-around buzzkill; Pigeon, a filthy disgusting man trapped in the body of a filthy disgusting bird; and Marquess, the ghost whose sole mission is to keep Mike on the path to redemption.

His other sole mission: finding a Pinot Grigio that’s bold, but has a crisp finish. The second season mysteries are even more hilariously banal, as the team tackles tough cases like: “What really goes on inside a house when it’s being tented for termites?” “Who gave the team a bad review online?” And “Can Mike find a sleeveless/shorts version of his tracksuit for summer?”

Genre: AnimationComedyCrime/Mystery