newsreaders season 1 poster

Newsreaders: Season 1

From the creative team behind the irreverent, Emmy®-winning comedy Childrens Hospital—Rob Corddry, Jonathan Stern and David Wain, along with Jim Margolis (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)—comes Newsreaders, a comedy series that satirizes the television newsmagazine genre.

Based upon the "Newsreaders" episodes, which aired on Childrens Hospital, the series goes behind the stories nobody else thinks are stories—because they're not.

Starring Mather Zickel (Childrens Hospital, I Love You, Man, House of Lies) as host Louis La Fonda, the series explores the vital issues that actually don't affect us every day, from hard-hitting investigations to harder-hitting, heartwarming profiles, delivering unparalleled award-eligible reporting in every episode. Guest stars include Kumail Nanjiani, Brian Posehn, Missi Pyle, Dannah Phirman, Beth Dover, Brandon Routh, Ray Wise, Dave Foley, Dan Rather and Ed Begley Jr. 

Genre: Comedy