The Originals Season 5 keyart

The Originals: Season 5

The Mikaelson family tragedies and triumphs continue as hit series The Originals enters its fifth season.

When the culmination of a dark prophecy threatens their immortal lives, the Mikaelson family must stand together and face their greatest challenge yet in season four of The Originals. For over a millennium, the Original vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus Mikaelson and his brother Elijah have fought to preserve their family no matter the cost. But after centuries, their ruthless actions have spawned a legion of enemies—who returned in season three with a vengeance. While Hayley remains at odds with Klaus over the custody of their child, she soon must choose to ally with the Mikaelsons when their long-lost sister Freya uncovers a prophecy foretelling the family's ruin. With the arrival of the first vampires ever sired, the Mikaelsons begin to realize that their vampire progeny have joined together to eliminate their makers once and for all. As signs around them point to the fulfillment of this dire prophecy, Cami O'Connell (Leah Pipes) finds herself thrust into the center of the conflict, even as she continues to council Klaus to reject his paranoid and merciless ways. Ultimately, the influence of the returning sire lines will take a toll on trusted allies Marcel Gerard, Davina Claire (Danielle Campbell) and Vincent Griffith. With the Mikaelsons surrounded by enemies and prognostications of doom, they have no choice but to enact a brutal strategy that will turn everyone—friend, foe and family—against them, thus fulfilling the prophecy itself and setting the course for season four.

Genre: DramaSci-Fi/Fantasy