People of Earth poster: human finger and finger touching in front of a full moon

People of Earth: Season 2

Original Broadcast Date: October 3, 2016

People of Earth stars Wyatt Cenac as a reporter investigating a group of alien abductees—they prefer to be called "experiencers"—living in the small town of Beacon, New York, only to find himself becoming a member of the group. The more he researched their oddball claims, the more he realized there is truth in their stories and signs of his own alien abduction.

In Season Two, the onetime outsider finds himself part of this eclectic group of misfits—all the while struggling with the knowledge that life exists beyond our world. Adding to the alien-induced comedy, Saturday Night Live’s Nasim Pedrad joins the stellar ensemble cast as Special Agent Alex Foster, a smart, dedicated FBI investigator who’s come to Beacon on the hunt for local newspaper owner Jonathan Walsh for white collar crime, but soon learns he harbors even greater secrets.

Genre: Comedy